10 wedding photography tips for amateur photographers

Wedding photographers need to be extra conscious about their job because it is an auspicious day for someone and you would not want to be the one to spoil someone’s day. Hence if you are new in wedding photography and want to become a pioneer in it then you need to follow the 10 wedding photography tips for amateur photographers that will help you become professional. Here we are sharing these tips below:

1.Prepare Your equipment: It is very important to have your cameras, lenses and stands ready when you are going to shoot video or click photos at the wedding. Always make sure you test all the equipment before going for photography and keep extra batteries and storage devices with you.

2.Eat your food before the wedding: You should take your food before the wedding ceremony because if you feel hungry during marriage ceremony then your concentration would be diverted and it can spoil your photography. If you eat during marriage ceremony then you could miss any important event that would harm your reputation as a photographer.

3.Set a photo checklist: Make sure you have ready a checklist for photos to be clicked like you can decide to take at least one image of each event happening in the marriage. All traditions should be covered by you so that your client would never say that you missed that moment to click the photograph.

4.Reach before time: You should reach before the marriage ceremony start as it will give you time to brainstorm the idea and set up the equipment. You can reach one or two hours earlier as it will give you the idea about many things that are going to happen soon and you can prepare yourself for that.

5.Bring the best equipment: It is really important that you bring only the best quality equipment to capture the marriage ceremony. You can hire high-quality cameras and lenses if you don’t possess them presently. The best equipment will let you use your best skills to good effect.

6.Never miss a detail: All details are really important in marriages so you make sure you know everything that needs to capture. The arrival of the bride and the exchange of garlands and rings are very crucial moments that you should not miss to capture. Even small events have bigger importance in marriage hence never miss a detail.

7.Keep yourself always ready: You don’t have the liberty to male your clients wait for you or your equipment to get ready. You should never say no to anyone in the marriage because every invite is important and you should keep your cameras always on.

8.Give equal importance to Groom: In marriages, most of the time photographers keep the focus on clicking the images of the bride and they forget to click photos of the bridegroom. You should make sure that you include the groom as well in some of the portraits or you can click individual photos of the groom.

9.Keep an eye on Time: Although it is not the duty of cameraman to tell the time if you wear a watch and always keep reminding about the time to everyone then everything would be done on time and you will get an appreciation for that.

10.Demonstrate the poses rather than directing them: You need to show bride and groom how they should pose and never try to be hard on them by ordering them to make poses according to you. You just demonstrate them and let them do according to their comfort.