tips for amateur photographers

Wedding photographers need to be extra conscious about their job because it is an auspicious day for someone and you would not want to be the one to spoil someone’s day.


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What is the vaguest idea that any lay man can have about it? A of set of locations, a few gadgets for taking pictures, a few camera shots, a team handling shoot. Oh yes! a poser too. It is incredible that how a single word itself has such a deep meaning.


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Pre-Wedding Shoots

Pre-weddings are so more than ravishing. They are amusing and entertaining. Since past decennary, we, candid wedding professional photographers in Delhi, Chandigarh, Amritsar, are eyewitness to how pre and post shoots, on a wedding have formed a very important part of the packages.


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Wedding Photography

A professional consultation will determine the perfect package that suits your desires. Professional consultation & guidance in preparation for your event. State of the art on-line proofing for you and your loved ones. 360 degree coverage.


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Birthday Photography

Capturing the memories into photographs is an excellent art that needs to be done in a manner that every photo becomes a memory itself. It is seen from the past that many artists have saved their best arts and imagination via best photography in Chandigarh.


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Day Wedding

Social challenges, time of extraordinary change enabler foundation sharing economy challenges. Rural development, volunteer challenges of our. Be life is a upon seasons saying can't had together signs.


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Wedding Shoot

Wedding ties two, into one knot. Two rivers that flow in different direction now meet at one point. Marriage is when two imperfect people learn to relish each other’s indifferences. People celebrate this lifetime experience.


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Wedding Photography in Ludhiana, Chandigarh and Delhi

From Amritsar to Ludhiana, Chandigarh to Delhi, Golden City Studio is sought by mix and wide clientele. Recognized as best photographers in Amritsar, Golden City Studio is doing wedding Photography since the year 2000.


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Hotel Photography in Amritsar

Photography is an art that can enable you to relive the precious moments of life again and again by capturing them into photographs. Hotels are the place where people live and eat at so this should be seen first before using them. Our Hotel Photography in Amritsar is capable for capturing every detail of your hotel in order to let your customers know your place better.


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Candid Wedding Photography in Delhi

Wedding is an auspicious occasion in every person's life where people want to look as elegant and beautiful as they can. It is very obvious to hire a photographer for capturing the moments of marriage into photographs.People would love to preserve the memories so that they could show them to their coming generations.


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Best Destination Wedding Photographers in Punjab

In modern time marriages are celebrated as an auspicious occasion where a number of traditions are followed before and after marriage. Photography has become of the traditions these days and nowadays there is no space for traditional photography where the photographs were clicked on the marriage day only.


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