Wedding Shoot

Wedding Shoot
Wedding ties two, into one knot. Two rivers that flow in different direction now meet at one point. Marriage is when two imperfect people learn to relish each other’s indifferences. People celebrate this lifetime experience. They like to remember their special day. This is here when wedding photography in delhi comes into play. Wedding shoot makes these wonderful moments last for life. A wedding is not an ordinary shoot; these photographs will be later displayed on the walls, arranged in albums, and shared with family for decades to come. Right lighting, suitable locations, beautiful outfits, relatives assemble to witness beautiful day of bride and groom- the opportunity is just too good to miss. We at GOLDENCITY STUDIO AMRITSAR DELHI and CHANDIGARH thrive to capture your moments. Our only motive is that you should like our work. We do and hope you do it too.

Variety in wedding photography!
Wedding shoot is no longer same as before. Wedding photography and videography now has evolved from traditional video and traditional photography. There are many fans of traditional photography. A set ambiance, perfect pose, people settle to get clicked formally. The photographer focuses on the people, and can take shots creatively from different angles. With bride and groom in the center surrounded by people gathered to bid good wishes. These days candid photography is a hit! It’s a mixture of unexpected moments without a staged scene that brings in a sense of realism. Photographs are clicked while people go around the wedding unaware of it. Our professionally trained photographers capture natural reactions of people in the tide of the emotions. Both candid and traditional wedding photographers in chandigarh, amritsar, Delhi have different results. As a part of photos are good when they are candid while certain parts of the wedding need traditional photography.

We aim for the best
As photographers our job is to see what works best in the light and venue of the wedding. What season, what part of the day, these can prove like a nightmare or a blessing. A perfect lighting location weather ambiance can prove spellbinding. Accessories like flowers, petal showered during the wedding have a great impact in making photos. Many other ways can change the entire look of the moment. Weddings are a perfect stage for unexpected things to happen. Go with the flow. Sink into your moments. Leave it up to us to capture these moments of wild and precious life. Your photos will reflect you and Your Day.

Ask us!
In case of a doubt, ask us. We’ve grasped it all and we want your wedding to be phenomenal. If you are in a fix about your ideas or timeline, don’t hesitate; ask us, we’d rather be in the loop with you than you left out. We love to cook and foresee all the sensational moments so a heads up is appreciated! We will make sure that your wedding dream is realized. What sort of a shoot you dream of. Now, it’s the time for you to book a meeting with us to decide.