Pre-wedding Shoots

I have found the one whom my soul loves
Pre-weddings are so more than ravishing. They are amusing and entertaining. Since past decennary, we, candid wedding professional photographers in Delhi, Chandigarh, Amritsar, are eyewitness to how pre and post shoots, on a wedding have formed a very important part of the packages. Though it is not imperative, but still youth culture has a fascination for it. It’s clear, that a pre shoot makes memories. Memories which stand by your love and commitment you have before you are man and wife! So, years down the line when you are old enough to feel that youth was history. These pictures will give you a jolt and take you back in time and space. These are your exquisite moments that etch in spell for eternity. We understand this and work with all vigor to make it more special.

Why go for pre-wed shoots?
Indian weddings are a perfect pandemonium. Hence, before one goes wandering haywire in all preparations, pre-wed shoots loosen ups you. It becomes part of so called courtship period. Pre-wed shoot photos can be used on the wedding invitations. A short story of photos and videos can be played on the Big Day- wedding. Many couples are a little nervous before the shoot. They haven’t done anything like this before. Of all the feedbacks of these shoots, couples find it as an ice-breaker of a kind. One gets serene peace in each other’s company. Also one gets comfortable with camera and the photographer. By the time, you are all braced up with your own style and way for the day.

Concept for pre-wed shoots:
Location plays a pivotal role. It surely adds to our skills and techniques. All you need is the right ambience that helps you unwind. It works like an inspiration to add zing to your pre-wedding shoot and make it treasured. We would love to know your “Story” and accordingly plan the shoot. It will help you relate to both of yourself to peculiar incidences of your tale. First time you saw each other, or bumped into one another. Your first date or perhaps where one of you proposed to the other. “Your day of love”. Whether arranged or unarranged, we would love to shoot it again. So, feel at ease and let us do the work for you!

Packages you would love to go for:
We have customized packages as per you choice for various shoots. We provide pre-wed shoots within the city or destination ones. You have all our ears to you to share your idea. If nothing comes to your mind then sit with us for innovative concepts. What sort of a shoots you dream of, what costumes, weather, day or night location! Now, it’s the time for you to book a meeting with us to decide. So, are you ready for your pre-wedding shoot?