What is the vaguest idea that any lay man can have about it?
A of set of locations, a few gadgets for taking pictures, a few camera shots, a team handling shoot. Oh yes! a poser too. It is incredible that how a single word itself has such a deep meaning. Most noteworthy is the work itself is so meaningful. Hey Folks! We at Golden City Studio Amritsar are here to deliver you exquisite impressions of your immeasurable life.

Why is it important to us?
Our only intention is to work in a way that builds a bond for years. Best photography happens to freeze the moments into shots, frames, clips. You know and value the emotions hidden in the pictures the camera captures. While we capture, you live your moments. Certainly, it is through your eyes that we see those moments. We want you to relive these moments when you go through the captured images. We capture. Delivering you what makes your heart pump more in a time makes us feel special. We from Golden City Studio- the best photographers in Amritsar, Punjab, are then the story tellers, while you sit back cherish the moments captured. Here, we make a difference. Therefore, it is important to us!

We capture!
From 1969, S.Tejinder Singh and S. Harinder Singh (Hira) started with the Golden City Studio in Amritsar. In 2006, Arshdeep Singh, S/o S. Tejinder singh, worked up to integrate new technology and professional photography in lab. Since then the company deals in wedding photography, videography, model portfolio, hotels, food and panoramic photography. We capture moments, happiness, emotions, action, and beauty. Whether it’s a wedding, a birthday, Fashion and Commercial Photography in Amritsar, and photo studio shoot. What customize as per your need! We love to reveal images, to build them. After all these years, we still have the same appetite and fondness for capturing moments. Our clients are the living proofs of what we are living through. They are our eyes. Images express what is happening. These overwhelm us. They make us mirth. Sometimes cry, as well. We cannot imagine our lives without all these events, so inspiring, so enriching, so astounding. That’s Life! We see it through our lenses.

Book with us: today!
If you still wonder who to hire! Just take your mobile and contact us. We are positive that you won’t regret doing it ever. We will make sure your imagination meets our reality. Our efforts believe in quality, to make it worth a while. Our services lists all that you may need to make it happen. We know how to create attractive and unforgettable photo shoots, which locks your inner beauty as well as inspire you to rejoice what is on the outside. Just step in at: Golden City Studio, Shastri Nagar, Lawrence Road, Opposite Humble Una, Shastri Nagar, Amritsar, Punjab 143001.